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Parris and Associates Rheumatology

Dedicated to the diagnosis, care, and improvement of rheumatic disease.

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Patient Reviews

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    He combined his vast knowledge and experience in Rheumatology with the highest level of attention and bedside manner to provide me with the best care possible. I hope you are fortunate enough to enjoy the same unparalleled experience as I did!  
    Dr. Parris is a true EXPERT of his craft.
  • 5
    I Got answers on my first visit. He really cares about what is going on with you. He answers all your questions and takes his time. Thank you, Dr. Parris  
    BEST Rheumatologist in GA
  • 5
    She immediately recognized that I should seek out a Neurologist. Rather than view me as a number for the bean counters to count; she saw me as a person and a patient first.
    Dr Samakur was amazing
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